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Taku Korero

​Taku Kōrero is a collaborative learning workshop centred on the production of a world-class Interactive app and uploaded to the international app stores.


Our certified trainers will train your coaches online | allowing them to work on their own schedule.  Replacing: (the program is facilitated online by qualified educators who train service providers to run the workshop


The coaches will pick groups who will work together | the workshop can be done on the web or face to face. (new images: face on screen with headphones on back of other persons head nodding. New image:  person pointing giving instructions on whiteboard)


Participants work in teams to create a 10-page bi-lingual book/ story with original text, illustrations and voiceovers.


Our team will assist your coaches to transfer their content to your dedicated online portal. (new images: pages and audio files flying up into the web)


Our editors then use proprietary technology to bring the storytelling to life enhanced with animation and sound


The apps are downloaded for free worldwide and now the participants get to use social media to promote their work


Taku Korero creates an opportunity for schools, institutions/organisations and social services to tap into creative writing, storytelling art and technology.


Research for the NZ ministry of education endorse Taku Korero as conforming to the five key competencies of the NZ curriculum.


Thinking, using language symbols and text, managing self, relating to others and participating and contributing.


Taku korero participants capture stories that are precious to them, their families, their language and their culture.

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