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Producer & Director

Rhonda Kite is an award winning producer in the film and television industry for 18 years. She is Producer and CEO, Kiwa Media Group –  An award winning Broadcaster and Technology inventor, Rhonda leads the way in producing innovative technologies and content for Education and Special Education publishing in 15 languages. She was named North & South Magazine New Zealander of the year in IT & Communications for 2007. Kiwa Digital went on to focus on creating interactive books for mobile devices.

Desert Dunes


As the founder of Kiwa Digital, I paved the way that the company works with indigenous groups around the world using technology to preserve indigenous knowledge in formats that are relevant and accessible. Since 2014 we have been facilitating digital storytelling workshops in New Zealand, Australia and the United Arab Emirates and are digital producers of Graphic Novel & Fotonovella front line learning publications. As a multi-award-winning television Producer, my roots and passion are ingrained in the cultural localisation of media content for a global audience. I invented an advanced technology for ADR & Dubbing with VoiceQ, for which I was honoured by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) for Services to New Zealand in Technology for Film and Television. 


One of my passions is celebrating life's occasions. In particular, the coming together of two people in marriage.



Changes at the top for Te Aupōuri

Rhonda Kite, ONZM, has been elected to chair Te Rūnanga Nui o Te Aupōuri, with Peter-Lucas Jones her deputy and Tui Kapa secretary/treasurer.

Wealth creation on Aupouri agenda

The new chair of Te Aupouri hopes to get the five far north iwi working more closely together.

Rhonda Kite is the first woman to chair Te Aupouri in the modern age

Rhonda Kite is the first woman to chair Te Aupouri in the modern age.

Rhonda Kite

Director, Producer, Marriage Celebrant.

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